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          32 Cavities Cap Mould-1

          32 cavities Water Cap Mould

          8-10seconds/shot,only request HZT206 injection machine
          -The design of hot runner is reasonable and advanced,single point temperature control of each cavity,uniformity heating.
          -Each cavity and core use the independence cool system,improve the production efficiency.
          -Adopting the High quality steel.rigidity of the main parts must be reach HRC60,long performance life.
          -Hot runner of moulds is used PID control systems,with automatic compensation,automatic protection,extending the performance life of electric heater.
          -Hot Runner Balance design ensures evenly force,uniform heating and identical preforms.
          -Less energy cost and pressure lost.
          -Lndependent cavity control system ensures nozzle temperature fluctuates within<1℃
          -Adopt imported Heating devices,Germany Hotset or Italy Rotfil.



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