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          Injection Molding Machine

          Main Features:

          -Five-point double toggle diagonal structure, Template design by computer optimization
          -Mechanism, electronic & hydraulic triple interlock safety protection function
          -Sensitive low-voltage mold protection device
          -Multiple hydraulic liftout type
          -Multipe stages control for mold opening clamping pressure, speed, positioning control
          -Hydraulic motor-driving gear mold adjustment

          Stable and reliable clamping unit



          -Special technique treatment, reliable strength
          -Automatic centralized lubrication system
          -Mold open and clamping, liftout position control
          -Automatic mould adjustment function
          -Robotic pincher mechanical installation positioning interface
          -Core pulling and inserting system is suitable for the complicate structure mould

          Stable injection device

          Injection components use dual-cylinder balance injection and duble-leaders direct line rail supporting. a rich special screw library can be choose customers and can be fitted with a variety of injection molding. furthemore, they be compatible with a variety of special injection devices, convenient for customers. they use high-performance low-speed torque hydraulic motor directly driving a large pre-plastic screw.



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